Consulting Services for Artists

We help artists reach their career goals. By providing one-on-one consultations, we can guide artists to increase sales, build solid business tactics, and distinguish their art as investments worth owning.  Our services include:

One hour all-purpose session:

    • Critical analysis of artist statement
    • Building strong promotion strategies for social media and online profiles
    • Improving website effectiveness
    • Evaluation of pricing art
    • Providing methods on presenting work to collectors and galleries

Specialized Consulting Services for:

    • Contract origination for sales, leasing, rentals, and reproductions
    • Review and/or negotiation of contractual agreements
    • Exhibit curation
    • Assess business practices and recommend improvements

Art Advisory Services

Clarke Art Consulting provides comprehensive services for art procurement and collection management. We offer customized solutions for private collectors and corporation needs. Our services include:

    • Budget evaluation for art investments
    • Art acquisitions
    • VAT (Visual Aptitude Testing) for taste assessment
    • Collection development and management
    • Image and branding consultation for companies and institutions
    • Management of commissioned art projects

Exhibition Design and Curatorial Services

We enhance environments and enrich communities by curating exhibitions that support companies’ brand and culture, and heighten awareness for non-profit and for profit art institutions. In addition, we can provide graphic design and art direction for promotion and branding.


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