MAE 2011
Clarke Art Consulting has announced MAE (Minority Art Exhibition) will take one-year hiatus with plans to resume in 2012.

Since 2009, MAE has been instrumental in presenting fine art created by minorities to the Virginia art market. It is an exhibition exploring and celebrating the vitality of contemporary art created by African American and Latin American artists. The exhibition presents a broad survey of visual art addressing a range of themes and issues to engage viewers, promote cross-cultural dialogue and cultivate a community of art enthusiasts. Along with providing exceptional works of art, MAE raises funds to support local non-profit organizations.

Tracy Baylor, founder and curator of MAE explains, “After powerful and enlightening past exhibitions, we have decided to take a one-year hiatus to expand programming, innovate and present an exhibition with more cultural as well as commercial value.”

Clarke Art Consulting encourages patrons, supporters and the community at large to continue to learn more about African American and Latin American artists, and build an appreciation for their compelling works. We look forward to seeing you again in 2012.

Clarke Art Consulting will continue to provide news and development updates on our blog.

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Clarke Art Consulting is pleased to announce the return of the Minority Art Exhibition (MAE) to Downtown Richmond, Virginia.

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Diluted Loss, a mixed media art series, by Keith Ramsey opens Friday, June 4 at The Black History Museum of Virginia, 00 Clay Street, Richmond, Virginia, and continues through Saturday, September 18. Artist Talk will take place on June 19 at the museum.

Diluted Loss illustrates the racism and discrimination that was directed toward African American troops in World War II, both from the United States military as well as Japanese and European troops. The series is mixed media, and was created using organic materials, acrylic and oil paint, snips of news articles and letters from soldiers, and other charred symbols of American liberty.

Ramsey describes the series as “not a pretty picture I painted, but an important one”. Ramsey considers himself to be a documentarian, charged to present the overlooked, historical accounts of African American soldiers through art.

Keith M. Ramsey grew up in Williamsburg, Virginia. The son of an artist, he developed an early affinity for the works of Edward Hopper. Since receiving his Degree in Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1998, he has been working steadily toward his artistic vision of images created from influences of experience, introspective thought and political perspective. His work has been exhibited throughout the Richmond area. To learn more about Keith M. Ramsey, visit Ramsey’s website: or



We cordially invite you to Art and the Abode.

When: Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where: 2218 Jefferson Ave., Richmond , VA

Time: 2-5pm

Presented by: Clarke Art Consulting and Ricks and Associates Realtors LLC

Featured Artists:
Mauricio Patarroyo
Keith Ramsey
Langston Tupponce
James E. Clarke III

The walls of a stunningly crafted Historic Church Hill home will serve as a backdrop for exquisite artwork created by emerging local artists during Art and the Abode, an innovative art show and open house.

Clarke Art Consulting is proud to partner with Ricks and Associates Realtors LLC in an effort to bridge the gap between art and real estate. We aspire to create an opportunity where guests can experience the city’s flourishing art community while touring breathtaking architectural design and landscape.

For more information about Art and the Abode, please call Clarke Art Consulting at (804) 908-1210. For more information about the property for sale, please contact Eboni Rufus at Ricks and Associates Realtors LLC at (804) 622-2720.



MAE is a pioneering art exhibition dedicated to showcasing contemporary art by African American and Latin American artists, provide practical advice on art procurement, and encourage individuals and businesses to support their art. The exhibition will be a key source for art enthusiasts and collectors to find and purchase exquisite, museum-quality artwork. It will feature an exclusive selection of art by cutting-edge newcomers and acclaimed artists working in all media and disciplines. These featured artists will have an opportunity to market and network – aiding in the advancement of their careers, while influencing each other’s creativity. Along with presenting exceptional art, MAE will launch an exciting program for individuals, businesses, and institutions to sponsor artists. Through sponsorships, artists can obtain the necessary marketing materials, education, production space, and supplies – allowing them to freely pursue their creative impulses. This exhibition is sure to be a cultural highlight for all. We look forward to welcoming you to MAE. Read more.