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Artist Interview: Diane Clement

By Lauren Cronan

Diane Clement is a local artist living and working in Richmond, VA. She began as a self-employed sign writer and graphic artist, but in March of 2003 she began a fine art career as a self-taught painter. Primarily working in her yard, she produces oversized abstract paintings inspired by her surroundings. Since the switch from commercial to fine art, she has taken part in over 40 juried group shows and over a dozen solo shows.

Garden Art by Diane Clement

Nature is Clement’s biggest inspiration. Recurring themes in her work include flowers, winter trees, clouds, the sky, moon, and sun. Sometimes naming her pieces begins the process, and other times her children will recognize shapes amongst the abstraction and name the piece. Clement’s mother was a realistic painter, but Clement prefers abstract art. Since a young age, she has been throwing paint on walls and painting outside the lines. She has experimented with many kinds of art, but painting is the apple of her eye.

When Diane Clement isn’t painting, she’s busy being a mother of four and running her new company, Black Fortune Cookies. She’s also a member of the Richmond Metropolitan Artist Association (RMAA), a non-profit group that promotes art through workshops, programs and exhibitions. In her spare time, she also volunteers for Culture Works, Richmond’s new arts council.

Sara's Happy Place by Diane Clement

Clement’s most recent opening was in the “Annual Group Show” at the Red Door Gallery on June 25th. The show will run through July 31st, so be sure to stop by 1607 W. Main Street in Richmond, VA to see some of her work in person. She’ll also be participating in another group show in Australia this September. Be on the lookout for more information about her birthday show, ABSTRACT (a 58 year process) REVEALED, happening on October 12th.

Untitled by Diane Clement

For any aspiring abstract artists, Clement offers these words of wisdom, “I know that if you have abstract in your soul, it will come out and you won’t be able to help it. I truly believe that real artists have to produce the work they were born to produce and they should work whenever and however they can, whether anyone ever sees it or not. We don’t paint for other people and we owe it to the art to produce the art.”

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  1. wow. this is one fantastic artist.
    I like it

  2. Ms. Clement is certainly an exceptional artist. We were honored to have her share her artistic visions with us.

    Thank you for your comment and please continue to read our blog.

  3. Jamil Smith says:

    Ms. Clement’s work is exceptional! Equally, her awareness of the gift of artistic expression is worthy of much introspection.

    Thank you for presenting her work for others to be inspired.

  4. Ms. Clement does create brilliant, thought-provoking works. She is an inspiration to all.

    Thank you for your comment.

  5. Thanks you Richard and Jamil. When you see these paintings in person, the size just adds to. These two images, “Happy Place” and Untitled are over 9ft. wide. You can really get into them.=) Thank you again.

  6. VanFfelvey says:

    Can I just say “WOW”

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